About Us

Mission Statement

Making better leaders through training, coaching, sharing real world experiences and lessons.

The One Day MBA is based on the real world experiences of our founder Lewis (Lew) Jaffe.  Lew has held the title of CEO for various public companies and currently sits on numerous corporate boards all while being an adored professor of business & entrepreneurship at a prestigious University in Los Angeles. We take a comprehensive approach as we work with clients to help hone their leadership, sales and business skills.

Client Focused

We work with Corporations, Executives and Entrepreneurs in helping them become even better at what they do.  Our services are to develop them and their teams and to evaluate their people and strategies to better position their enterprise.

Additionally, we provide motivational keynote speakers to trade shows and seminars on a broad range of topics including: Leadership, Building Relationship, Selling, and Strategies and Tactics for Success.

Our goal is to not simply help families and students pick a curriculum that matches their educational needs but also to ensure their social and cultural environment needs are met. Ensuring students a well-rounded education that is much more in-depth than decades past.

The Course - Info & Tuition

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